31-day Reading Challenge

Small business owners: take the 31-day reading challenge

Perry Marshall, author of seven business books including “Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords”, recently shared his must-read list of books for business owners on Entrepreneur.com. Now, I am sure everyone has seen similar lists before. So-and-so’s top [insert a number between 3 and 99] books that every such-and-such should read.

Despite never being able to read all the books on my books-to-read list, I am always looking for new books to read. So I generally read articles such as these just to see what I may be missing as well as to see what books other readers view as interesting or important. I found the list to be quite eclectic. But one book stood out above all the others on the list: The Book of Proverbs.

When I first saw the book on the list, I did a double-take. This could not be that Book of Proverbs. Some modern-day sage must have written a book offering their personal guide to wisdom, highlighting all of today’s most important topics: getting rich and getting ahead. But not only was this that Book of Proverbs, but the article even included a link to buy the King James version on Amazon.

Why read the Book of Proverbs?

In the article, Marshall explains that, “most long-term career failures and business tragedies come from ignoring the principles in Proverbs: not the tactics and strategies, but failures of wisdom, discernment, morals, discipline and character.” He continues, “It’s even more relevant in our information-drenched age of social media.” How refreshing to hear something positive about something written so long ago.

As it were, I was already in the middle of reading Proverbs when I read the Entrepreneur.com article last May. You see, May has thirty-one days. And Proverbs has thirty-one chapters. So, I had committed to read one chapter per day for the entire month: thirty-one chapters, thirty-one days.

Reading Proverbs is quite rewarding, especially if taken in small doses. It is not necessarily something that someone would want to sit down and read in one sitting. But it is something to read more than once. So I plan on reading the book again and again. And I challenge you to do the same.

Take the 31-day reading challenge

Now for some of you, reading one chapter of Proverbs every day for 31 days will be a sufficient enough challenge. But others may be willing to commit to more, especially those individuals who already have a good morning routine. Thus, I have three challenges for you to choose from:

Easy challenge: Every day, for an entire month, I challenge you to read one chapter in the Book of Proverbs. The challenge will require about five minutes of your time every day. I recommend fulfilling the challenge early in the day, but you are free to complete your daily task at your convenience.

Moderate challenge: In addition to your daily reading, I challenge you to pick one verse from each day’s reading. Write down your chosen verse of the day, carry it with you, and strive to memorize your chosen verse before the end of the day. If you do your reading first thing in the morning, then you will have all day to memorize your verse.

Advanced challenge: In addition to your daily reading and your daily memory verse, I challenge you to continue to review each day’s memory verse throughout the month. Those completing this challenge should be able to recite one verse from each chapter of the Book of Proverbs by the end of the month.

So here’s the deal. Take the 31-day reading challenge. And stick to your commitment.

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