Be decisive. Don't be paralyzed by fear.

Be decisive. Don’t be paralyzed by fear.

Everyone has moments of indecision. We all experience the paralysis that comes with tough decisions. More often than not, our paralysis comes from fear. We are afraid of making the wrong decision. We are afraid to face the consequences of our decision. We are afraid of the criticism we will face as a result of our decision. To be decisive, you must address your fears.

Remember, nothing good comes from not making a decision. Sitting back and passively allowing others to decide your fate will never get you where you dream of going. If you are going to be successful, you must be willing to be decisive. You must act to succeed. You cannot become paralyzed by your fears.

You have already decided to pursue your dreams. Now, accept today’s challenges. Do not put off action. Decide today to continue to pursue your dreams and built the life you want.

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About David

David is an accountant and adviser for small business owners. He also coaches clients on leadership and success. David is an avid reader. He blogs regularly on the books that he is currently reading.

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