Practical reasons to have a business coach

I am a small business owner and I have a business coach. Having a business coach has been a rewarding experience. But I would never have experienced the benefits of coaching without a recommendation from my client and friend, Mike Wesner. Mike was starting enrollmentFUEL and was looking for individuals to help him with the startup process. He was making lots of connections with people he had come across throughout his past, including me. One of the people he reconnected with was a friend of his from the U.S. Navy, David Quick. Dave had an executive coaching business and had begun coaching Mike through establishing his new company. I was also going through a transition, having become the managing partner of my accounting firm. As such, Mike suggested that I give Dave a try as a coach, which I did. It’s fair to say that I was skeptical of the ...

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About David

About David

David is an accountant and adviser for small business owners. He also coaches clients on leadership and success. David is an avid reader. He blogs regularly on the books that he is currently reading.

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